The Melanin Project

If Not Me, Then Who?

Who We Are?

The Melanin Project is a lifestyle brand dedicated to curating and holding space for members of the African Diaspora to heal from emotional trauma. We aim to normalize emotional wellness to those of us that were never taught it and deliberately promote self esteem and confidence despite circumstance through innovative and meaningful programming, apparel, and collaborations with organizations of the same interests.

Our Vision

The Melanin Project seeks to become the premier global emotional wellness lifestyle brand. We aspire to become a home for those learning how to care for their emotional health for the first time and those treading the line between a conventional and an expressive lifestyle. We dare the world to recognize that the everyday person is more than what they do professionally and more than a recipient of personal circumstance but rather a dynamic combination of many passions.

Our Mission

The Melanin Project uses fashion, meaningful programming, and collaboration to connect traditionally marginalized communities to emotional wellness despite profession and circumstance. We promote self love for everyone and aspire to provide resources that empower young girls of color everywhere.

Our Work

Let your clothes do the talking! Our apparel looks to remind all who wear it that they are a dynamic combination of many things especially those of us who walk the fine line between a conventional and an expressive lifestyle. Don’t get too caught up in the whole word, just focus on the “Me.” part and celebrate it!



The Melanin Project hosts a variety of impactful programming that supports and educates our audience. One of our signature programs is called My Sistah & Me; A pregnancy loss support group for women of color who have dealt with the pain of a miscarriage or abortion silently.

Our second signature event is entitled “SlamMEd“. A comedy and poetry slam that doubles as a platform for all aspiring poets and comedians of historically marginalized communities to channel their pasts into their passion. To learn more about these programs or any future programming sign up for our email list here.

Founder + CEO

Stephanie Pierre is an ambitious, personable, and innovative social entrepreneur with a passion for mental health. Her professional experiences range from Community and Mental Health Nursing to Community Development and now Public/Private Partnerships. Stephanie is a natural born business professional and curator of impactful mental health programming with an eye for apparel.

Our founder at Holi Hai Festival in NYC 2017
“Its important for everyone, especially those of us who are rarely heard and whose stories often go untold, to know that we matter and that we’re worthy. No matter the job title, the trauma, the upbringing, or the culture, everyone is worthy of receiving love – especially from themselves.”
– Stephanie Pierre

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Romans 8:28